Larissa Codr


Heartland is primarily known for merchant processing, however, did you know we are one of the largest publicly traded Payroll providers in the U.S.? We also offer Gift and Loyalty Marketing, Lending Services, E-Commerce, Billing Solutions, mobile Payments, Point-Of-Sale and School Nutrition Programs. Contact Us today to learn more!

  • Merchant Processing

    Merchant Processing

    We provide business owners with fast credit and debit card payment processing backed by world-class customer support and industry-leading security.…

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  • Data Security

    Data Security

    Heartland Secure is the most secure credit card-processing technology in the industry, and this proprietary system was built internally by…

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  • E-Commerce/Mobile Commerce

    E-Commerce/Mobile Commerce

    With Advanced Fraud Screening a standard part of all of our online merchant accounts, Heartland offers business owners everything they…

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  • Heartland Gift™

    Heartland Gift™

      Heartland Gift offers an array of tools to assist in customer acquisition, engagement, and conversion. These tools seamlessly integrate…

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  • Payroll/HR


    Our cloud-based payroll solution is designed to work – and grow – with any organizations payroll and HR needs. It’s…

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  • Lending


    Heartland also offers business owners one of the most reasonable lending solutions in the industry. Loans are often approved quickly…

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  • Point-Of-Sale


    Heartlands Point-Of-Sale division, Heartland Commerce, already represents systems installed in more than 15% of the entire U.S. restaurant industry. From…

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  • Billing Solutions

    Billing Solutions

    Heartlands proprietary billing product offers the perfect solution for organizations, governments and businesses that use recurring billing models. With EZ-Web…

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